Ringling Brothers

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Ringling Brothers

[Ringling Brothers]State Historical Society of Wisconsin: Negative No. WHi (x3) 37963
The sons of German-born harness maker August Rüngeling, the Ringling brothers founded the Ringling Brothers Circus in 1884. Conceived by Albert and headed by John, August T. had little involvement in the circus.

They were all members of Baraboo Lodge No. 34 in Baraboo Wisconsin. The minutes of a special meeting on April 8, 1891 show the regular officers opening the lodge then the following taking the chairs: WM: Af T. Ringling, SW: August, JW: Al, SD: Charles, JD: Otto, SS: Henry. Their father (d. 1898) was Raised on August 19, 1891.

  Alfred T. 1861-1919 r. January 22, 1890
  John Nicholas 1866 - 1936/12/2 r. March 1, 1890
  Albert Charles 1852-1916 r. March 29, 1890
  Charles Edward 1866-1926 r. April 9, 1890
  William H. Otto 1858-1911 r. April 9, 1890
  August George 1854-1907 r. February 4, 1891
  Henry William George 1868-1918 r. March 18, 1891

Source: Denslow